the VETERANS COUNCIL of Chatham County

Veterans Council of Chatham County is made up of 23 veterans' organizations. The Veterans Council holds meetings monthly to determine their upcoming course of action and to discuss any pending events and announcements. The Veteran's Council is responsible for selecting the Veteran of the Year and organizing and implementing the Veterans Day Parade.

Currently, The Veterans Council is actively involved in the building of a WWII Memorial which will honor our Greatest Generation. The construction of the inner skeleton of the monument is complete, and the continent and oceans of the globe are now being crafted. Please support the heroes of our local families and donate to help fund this great project.

The Veterans Council celebrated Memorial Day this year by holding a Groundbreaking Ceremony on River Street at the site of the City of Savannah's newest monument. The new addition to Rousakis Riverfront Plaza will commemorate and honor Chatham County's World War II Veterans, both living and dead. The WWII Monument is the subject of the summer and the Veteran's Council and the World War II Monument Committee will be placing all of their efforts to raise money for the project.

The WWII Monument Committee asks for your support of their efforts in form of donations and buying bricks that are to be included in the monument. The bricks are a great way to honor loved ones, families, friends and neighbors. The Memorial design is to be as unique and memorable as Savannah itself. The focus now is fundraising and the hope is to get the entire community involved, because this Memorial belongs to the entire community to give honor and thanks to those who saved the world and preserved our nations freedom. The Greatest Generation deserves our greatest generosity to make it happen.

Veteran's Council of Chatham County's WWII Monument Groundbreaking Ceremony on River Street, May 25, 2009.

The waterfront site, with uninterrupted views of the Savannah River and proximity to the fender system where visiting Navy ships tie up, pays tribute to the vital role our waterfront played in World War II. The Monument, titled "A World Apart", will include an engraved Georgia granite wall honoring those from Chatham County who died while serving during World War II. The City of Savannah and the Veterans Council have worked together to compile a list of our own local WWII Veterans to be included in the list. The list was created based on the approved criteria. The list is currently available for review. Individuals in possession of copies of military records or birth certificates for the individuals listed below are encouraged to supply a copy to the City Library & Archives for verification purposes. For more information and to obtain your copy of the list please visit The City of Savannah's WWII Page.


Donations made to the Veterans Council of Chatham county benefit everyone! We are now accepting donations for the new World War II monument that is to be installed on River Street. Remember, all donations made the the Veterans Council of Chatham County are tax deductible!

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Memorial Bricks

Bricks can be purchased for inclusion in the WWII Memorial to be located on River Street in downtown Savannah, GA.

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