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the VETERANS COUNCIL of Chatham County

WWII Memorial Bricks

The following is a list of WWII Memorial Bricks that have been completed. If you have any corrections to your brick, please contact us as soon as possible to make arrangements for corrections.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to this great memorial by buying a brick.

The list of bricks below is not representative of what your brick will look like exactly. Please remember that the bricks are printed on two lines of ten characters each and special characters (such as asterisks and dashes) may cause your brick to appear out of alphabetical order.

Click here to view the full brick list.


Donations made to the Veterans Council of Chatham county benefit everyone! We are now accepting donations for the new World War II monument that is to be installed on River Street. Remember, all donations made the the Veterans Council of Chatham County are tax deductible!

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Memorial Bricks

Bricks can be purchased for inclusion in the WWII Memorial to be located on River Street in downtown Savannah, GA.

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